Djar Djal

Djar Djal

Djar Djal is a Senegalese organisation focusing on the same target groups as Afractie and ATAX, namely talibés and deprived children. The organisation is operating in the cities of Thiès and Mbour as well as in Mandera, a village on the border of Gambia. The organisation has grown from a close collaboration between a couple of Senegalese and Belgians.

Education works

10575243_356886147802506_8988777242854513508_o-300x169Since 2004 Djar Djal is supporting children, adolescents and adults who are eager to receive a quality education in their own country but who have few or no or not sufficient resources of their own. The organisation would like to stimulate the enrolment in higher education since obtaining a diploma, as well in Senegal as anywhere else, increases job opportunities. Education also widens people’s view on the world. Djar Djal concludes contracts with the (parents of) students stipulating both parties’ engagements. Twice a year the obligations are evaluated and based on palpable proof like attendance lists, report cards, cash receipts, homework, etc. The volunteers will regularly visit the schools to talk to the teachers and to measure the quality of education. Once the contract is signed, Djar Djal guarantees their support during the education process. Djar Djal’s part of the contract consists of paying the school fees, transportation, study books and school uniform. Additional support in housing or in case of illness is possible. Djar Djal is exclusively depending on volunteers who frequently reside in the area to get to know the students and understand their environment. Djar Djal is currently mainly operating in Mbour, a coastal city about 50 miles (80kms) south of Dakar.

Warm attention for talibés

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Thiès, located about 45 miles (70kms) east of capital Dakar, is the capital of the region Thiès. It is the third largest city of Senegal with 400 000 citizens. According to recent research there are about 13 000 talibés in Thiès. Djar Djal accommodates talibés during the day in a shelter home in the center of the city. Every day of the week they can have  breakfast, wash themselves and receive medical attention for minor wounds. Equally important is the fact that they have room to relax and be themselves. This can be through games but also by catching up on some sleep or watching television. For those interested we provide the opportunity to learn basic French. The intention is to provide a warm environment with major attention for the individual child and his needs. The talibés are addressed on a first name basis. At the moment we have space to aid 10 to 12 talibés daily. Attention is provided by two Djar Djal volunteers. We are in need of additional resources to accommodate more children and to guarantee professional operations.

Attention for the countryside

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Since 2012 Djar Djal started a project in Mandera, a small village on the border with Gambia. The natives predominantly live on the cultivation of peanuts. Some do have a vegetable garden or engage in some stock breeding practices. There is no electricity and most houses do not have a water tap. Djar Djal is supporting a couple of orphans who have lost their parents due to illness. They are living with foster parents and attend a local school. In their free time they tend to the goats and horses. Djar Djal built the children an annex on the family’s territory as well as a toilet and a shower for the whole family. Djar Djal maintains close relationships with the family and the school board. In this manner Djar Djal can keep an eye on the living situation of the children. Djar Djal is looking to broaden the support by including farming projects. This will help to assure the future of these children and others to follow in the community in the long run.


Djar Djal is currently funded from Belgium. We have an annual restaurant day near Mechelen  and a “koetjesnacht” in Middelkerke. Profits will entirely go to the Djar Djal project. Djar Djal also has a studio for rent in Thiès.

Are you heading to Senegal and want to visit Thiès? Please consider this studio as lodging. These profits also end up with the Djar Djal projects.

Students are sponsored. The sponsor knows the student and his situation. Regularly information is exchanged (photos, letters, reports, etc). Sponsoring a student costs €25/month.

Supporting talibés in Thiès costs €10/month and helps Djar Djal providing daily breakfasts and treating wounds.

Djar Djal is affiliated to Afractie. Afractie is recognised by both Belgian and Dutch government and a tax certificate will be issued from €40 upwards (on a yearly basis).


Djar Djal embraces cooperation and knowledge sharing with other organisations within the same field as (for example) ATAX. We are often in touch to share information.

Djar Djal is happy to show visitors worldwide how they operate and you can live the experience.

More information about Djar Djal on Facebook: Djar Djal.