As a volunteer

Voluntary work in Belgium

In order to raise funds for our monthly budget for projects in Senegal, Afractie organises activities such as an annual quiz and a wine benefit. Afractie is also represented at cultural festivals where we sell Senegalese items and inform interested parties for our projects in Senegal. We are searching for sponsorships, introducing Afractie and our operations in schools, collect empty ballpoint pens, etc.

If you are be interested in supporting our projects in Senegal out of Belgium by assisting one of these activities or by organising one on your own, please check our activities page and contact us via vrijwilligers(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)

Voluntary work and on-the-job trainings in Senegal

Besides the financial support of our projects in Senegal and raising awareness in Belgium, Afractie offers volunteers the opportunity to cooperate with our Senegalese co-workers and strive for a better future for street children in Yoff. This abroad experience is a unique chance to learn a foreign culture and customs, to develop yourself and broaden your view. Independence and flexibility are key ingredients!

Job description

As a volunteer you will support our co-workers in their daily tasks: you assist preparing breakfast and lunch, help teaching and/or teach toddlers and babies, play with the children, provide first aid like dressing a wound, visit daara’s and provide medical assistance, help out with afternoon activities and/or propose activities, homework support, administration, etc. By agreement of our co-workers initiative and ownership are an option.


The period or duration of your stay is your own decision. We would like to deploy people for a longer period, like a minimum of two to three months. By mutual agreement with Afractie a shorter period is possible.

The project is operational from Monday to Friday from about 7am till 5pm-ish, the evenings and weekends you are off.


The official language in Senegal is French. We expect a basic French of our volunteers and trainees. There are different languages according to the various ethnical communities. Most spoken language is Wolof.


  • Basic knowledge of French language
  • Perseverence
  • Empathy and respect for local cultures and customs
  • Patience
  • Flexibility
  • Desire to work with children
  • Independence
  • Be prepared of the possibility to end up in a tough situation. Despite the absence of an age requirement we do expect maturity.


After your arrival at the airport one of the co-workers will escort you to your host family. As a volunteer or trainee you will rent a room at a host family in the proximity of the shelter home. These rooms are meant for one or two persons and contain only the basic necessities. The rent includes breakfast and lunch in the shelter. There is an opportunity to rent a room in an apartment. When you are off, during the night and weekends, you will provide for your own food. The shelter home, the host family and the apartment are located a ten to fifteen minutes’ walk to the sea and about twenty minutes to capital Dakar by taxi. The airport is about ten minutes away by taxi. A short walk away you will find the Via Via travel café of Joker.


  • Rent including breakfast and lunch at the shelter, Monday to Friday: €100 a month (Renting a room in own apartment is negotiable.)
  • Membership Afractie: €15 a year
  • One off contribution: €250 OR a self-organised activity in Belgium irrespective of the revenue. This amount will go towards the monthly budget Afractie sends over to Senegal.
  • Additional costs are airtravel, visum, vaccination, meals (dinner and in the weekends) and personal expenses.


Are you interested to start this fascinating endeavour? Do you have more questions? Please contact us via vrijwilligers(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) for additional information and to get the application form.

Due to the small scale of the shelter we only have four spots available at the same period. Please do provide us with the period of your trip you have in mind in your email.