Stop poverty

Target group

The second programme Afractie is aiming at is ‘STOP poverty’.

We are focusing on boys and girls from poor families in Yoff. These families are from inland Senegal and sometimes from neighbouring countries (like Guinea) hoping to find work in the city and lead a better life. Finding work is difficult. Families often end up in unfinished buildings which they squat. They are living in an unhygienic environment, often without water, sanitation or electricity. When the owner decides to continue working on the house the family is forced to move out and find other refuge.

Parents, often single mothers, are off working whole days, looking for work or unemployed and always lacking resources to send their children off to school. Consequently the children are hanging around the house or roaming the streets.

However, there are families living in better conditions in Yoff. Due to financial reasons most of these families cannot send their children to nursery school. A lot of children are soon confronted with a disadvantage in primary school, especially taking into consideration that public schools don’t deliver much quality. Children in their first year of school are not used to the class environment. In addition, they do not understand French, the language they are being taught in. And they are missing plenty of useful basic skills which are taught in nursery school.


We have managed to agree with the parents of a group of children (in deprivation) to accept them in our shelter to increase their educational chances. Afractie organises enrolment and payment of a group of children in a public school nearby. Local employees will also accommodate their primary needs. Read here more about the selection on offer in our shelter.

Through our independent employee we would also like to offer a hormonal shot to interested mothers of these group of children.