As a sponsor

  1. As a sponsor

Helping out as a sponsor signifies financially contributing to Afractie’s  monthly budget for our operations. We have several possibilities. If you are interested, please mail info(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)

Afractie is recognised by both Belgian and Dutch government and a tax certificate will be issued from €40 upwards on a yearly basis.

  1. Become a member

No strict rules, high fees or bureaucracy. As a member you have a voice in the annual general meeting and will be kept up-to-date of the operations through a newsletter (4x/yr).

  • Membership: €15/yr
  • Membership without vote: €10/yr

Become a member by transferring the amount to 001-5196882-86 of Afractie (non-profit organisation) mentioning ‘membership fee’ and your name. Please also send an email to info(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) confirming your details.

  1. Become one of the 200

Afractie is searching for 200 people who will contribute at least €10 a month to guarantee the daily operations of the shelter home in Yoff until it generates local, sustained  revenue. This will free up space to focus our attention from activities to collecting the required funds to purchase a bigger house in Senegal or providing professional education and job opportunities for ex-talibés. Afractie is aiming towards a sustainable future for TSX.

  1. Sponsoring fixed costs in Senegal

The majority of our monthly budget is going towards the fixed costs of maintaining the shelter home. This includes for example rent of the house, electricity, water and nourishment. Help us with these costs and support us by transferring a monthly fixed sum.

  1. Sponsoring activities in Belgium

An important part of our fundraisers is the organisation of the activities like a quiz or wine benefit. Financial support, for example the rent of a place or purchasing the beverage, is very much appreciated.